Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Complete picture of Asp.Net/WCF Request Handling Pipeline

In order to understand the Asp.Net/WCF Request pipeline, i feel its important to look into the complete picture involving IIS,Asp.Net & WCF. And why would one need to understand the pipeline? There can be many reason for it, may be the performance aspect encountered during load testing, extending the built in functionality, or just for the sake of it.

 And for this one should know how each of these components work individually first and then are integrated together to provide the functionality that a developer generally never bothers to think about.

For me it started with throttling a WCF Service to handle very high load with low latency, and ofcourse as per my previous post you can simply follow some known throttling steps and be done with it. But if at all you feel like knowing how exactly the disparate components get along and do what they do, i have this series of posts which again mostly consolidates and organizes most of the information from existing sources but in a relevant flow to provide sequential understanding.

We will start with :
  1. IIS
  2. Asp.Net/WCF Integration in IIS
  3. Threads involved in processing requests
  4. Non Http based WCF Hosting using WAS.

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